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October 2, 2019

And Why Not? #5 - The Barkley Marathons

In which Stuart Mulrain and guest John Tucker attempt the race that eats its young...

Stuart heads into unknown territory again and checks out the 2012 documentary The Barkley Marathons for the first time; ready to talk with John Tucker about his love of the film.  With spoilers and bonus Lost In Translation talk too (so an episode and a bit in one awesome package).

Further Viewing & Reading:

Where Dreams Go To Die, Tales From Out There (book), When We Were Kings, Paris Is Burning & One Day In September.

PLEASE NOTE; In the episode it is mentioned that the film is available on Netflix UK.  Since recording the film is no longer in their library, but it is available to rent at the links below.



JOHN- Website - Twitter @johntuckerart

STUART - Twitter @TokenNerd

NERDS - Facebook

The Barkley Marathons - WebsiteIMDB - Amazon Prime (Rent Or Buy) - YouTube (Rent)

Title Music - Storytelling Man by Ruth's Curtain

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